Bridal Skin Preparation


pre wedding skin care routine for good makeup application

It’s the one day in your life that you will definitely want to look your best, no excuses, no second best, just perfection. It’s the one day that you will want to be remembered probably for the rest of your life. When looking back with friends and family, children and grandchildren at the photographs of your happy day you will want more than anything to be proud and confident of showing them off. For your day, don’t take any chances – make sure you have booked a professionally trained and accredited makeup artist with plenty of experience who will have already performed a trial for you to create that flawless, perfect look. If need be and you are not happy with one – get another! A good one will also be able to advise you on how and what to do in the weeks running up to your wedding day to ensure that your skin is in the finest possible condition so as to look its best. I have gathered a few points and tips below to help you with this and I hope it helps towards making sure you have the best day and are able to relax and shine naturally the whole day through.

  • If you decide to try a new skincare regime then I'd recommend doing this a good few weeks in the run up to your wedding. Don't leave it until the last minute in case your skin reacts to something. Make sure you get good advice from a therapist or somebody who's an expert in skin and not from someone who's just trying to sell you their products.
  • There are so many facial treatments available now and it can be difficult knowing who and what treatment to go for. It’s always good to ask around to find a good reputable beauty therapist who will advise and recommend suitable treatments.
  • You can also do a lot at home such as facial steaming, exfoliating and using face masks that suit your skin type.


I have seen many brides, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride decide to get a tan the week or day before which can sometimes completely change the desired look that was arranged and agreed at the trial. I strongly recommend to go and trial your tan in the weeks running up to your wedding day and if you like it then book it in with the same person - this is so important. Speak with the makeup artist if this is something you have planned for, the more he or she knows - the better the job on the day, the less stress all round and the better you will look and feel. Planning and preparation is paramount and leave nothing to chance. Whatever the look you are after – if undecided or you are not sure on anything, always contact your makeup artist who should give you helpful and useful advice. Remember above all – It’s your big day so feel special, feel confident and feel beautiful!