Make-up For Personal Branding Photography

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Over the past year and a half, I've been working with a photographer called Karina Lyburn. Karina is a professional photographer who specialises in personal branding and music photography. 

Personal branding photography is marketing you and your business, it's all about stepping into your power and celebrating the very best of you and your business, creating beautiful and authentic lifestyle images to tell your story for your website and social media. 

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Maybe this is something you've thought about for your brand or business? Having your makeup done professionally can help you look your best, feel super confident and create images that you're sure to love.

Here are my top five reasons to work with a professional makeup artist for your personal branding photo-shoot

  1. A professional make-up artist will know exactly how much makeup is required for being on camera, whether it be on an outdoor shoot or in a studio. There's a fine line between makeup that enhances natural beauty and looks authentic, and makeup that masks and looks unnatural. I know how to achieve that balance, creating a look that will be enough to shine through on camera while still feeling true to you. 

  2. If you look good, you feel good. FACT. Most people feel quite nervous about having a personal branding shoot (this is a big deal!). Your photos are going to live with you, on your website, social media and marketing material. You want to look back on your images with pride; having your makeup done professionally will give you that extra boost of confidence, knowing that the end result will be photographs that celebrate you, that you can enjoy and feel super proud of. 

  3. Makeup should enhance your natural beauty. Bobbi Brown says, “I believe all women are pretty without make-up - but with the right make-up can be pretty powerful.” One of my skills is to look at a face and know what will suit and enhance, whether it's the right colour eyeshadow to make your eyes pop, the best eyeliner flick to suit your eye shape, or how to shade and sculpt for your facial structure to highlight your best features.

  4. Having flawless makeup comes down to using the right products for your skin. I communicate with my clients to find out how their skin behaves and how they like to look (including coverage and finish) so I can create the best makeup look to reflect them and their brand. 

  5. Imagine investing time, energy and money into a personal branding shoot, only to look back on your images and notice your uneven eyeliner, or perhaps not even notice any eyeliner at all! Investing in great makeup is the foundation to a super successful shoot. These images are a reminder of you on your BEST days; they're how you want to be seen by your ideal clients, as they decide whether or not to invest with you. You deserve to feel a million dollars in the process. It's time to shine. 

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If you've any questions or would like to talk more about how great makeup can up-level your brand, drop me a message here. Or if you're curious to know more about personal branding photography, you can get in touch with Karina here.